Conquest and updates


Conquest book 9 in Rise of the Empire series is now out and available on Amazon.

Next book in RotE will probably be out around May 2018, I want to get the first book in one more new series out before book 10. Which will be out around late February or early March. The new series will either be an urban fantasy novel or a new science fiction space opera, haven't decided yet.

So for now my schedule looks something like this:

  • February/March - book 1 in a new series
  • Late May - Rise of the Empire book 10
  • September - Eternal Path book 2
  • December - Rise of the Empire book 11

I might change that a bit, but I doubt it. The plan is still for Rise of the Empire to end with book 12, but I might need one more book to wrap everything up, I'll know for sure when I hit book 11. I have the story outlined to the end, but I always like to leave myself room for new ideas, we'll see.

I hope you enjoy Conquest, and happy holidays!