New Release and other stuff.

Hand of the Empire is now out and available on Amazon. Hopefully you'll like it.

Writing this one had been a much different experience, since I was experimenting with my writing schedule. I attempted to write three books at the same time. It didn't go as well as I had hoped. After RotE book 7 I started working on the Eternal Soul (the first in a new fantasy series) with Hand of the Empire and book 9 of RotE on the side. By the end of March I had finished the draft for the Eternal Soul and about 30% of Hand of the Empire and maybe 15% of book 9. But as I was doing early revisions of Eternal Soul I realized that I didn't really like it, so I ended up scraping more than 80% of it. By then I was already behind my schedule so I decided to switch to Hand of the Empire as my main focus and finish it first, which I did by the end of May. Then when I was ready to send it to my editor I learned that he had sadly passed away just a few days before I sent him a message, and I started looking for a new editor. Finding someone who I was comfortable with on such short notice was very hard, but eventually I managed and here it is, sorry that it took longer than I said.

Here is my schedule for the next few releases (hopefully I'll manage to keep to it) :

  1. Eternal Soul - October 2017

  2. Rise of the Empire 9 - December 2017

  3. Untitled urban fantasy book - February 2018

  4. Rise of the Empire 10 - May 2018

I might switched 3 and 4 depending on how I feel after Eternal Soul. I've been writing Rise of the Empire for three years straight now, so I want a bit of a change before finishing it, but in any case the end of the series is close, I might even get it done in 2018. Here is a small sneak peek at the first two chapters of Eternal Soul.

I really need to thank you all for reading my books, without you I wouldn't be able to do what I love.