Update and a new book!


Well, I have a little update for you today, and a surprise! I've just released a new book, called Guild Master, it is an LitRPG. I have been writing this book for a while now, in between my other series, ever since I started reading the genre. For those of you unfamiliar with the genre, LitRPG stands for Literary Role Playing Game. In other words the rules of the book world are similar to those of an RPG's. The characters gain experience and level up gaining new abilities and powers. Guild Master is set in a fantasy world, only one where rules resemble those of an RPG.

As I said, this book is something that I have written in between the other series, and it will remain so. The other series will still come out on schedule. And I have a small update to the schedule. I have decided to swap the Universe on Fire book 2 and Eternal Path book 2, meaning that the next book to come out will be the Universe on Fire book 2, and it will be out in late october/early November. I just need a bit more time to get the Eternal Path book 2 right, so it will be out in late February/Early March.

You can find the book here:

US link: Amazon US

UK link: Amazon UK

AU link: Amazon AU

CA link: Amazon CA

I hope that you check out Guild Master, and if it is not for you, well, Universe on Fire book 2 will be out soon!