New Release - Tower of Power book 2


The sequel to Guild Master is now out and available on Amazon!

Also for those of you who enjoy listening to audiobooks, Guild Master is now available on audible, so if you haven’t yet checked it out now is a good time!

I don’t have any big updates for you now, I am currently working on the book 2 in the Eternal Path series which should be out in a few weeks around the beginning of March. After that I will be focusing on the final book in Rise of the Empire series which will be out around the end of May. So the current schedule is like this:

  • Eternal Path book 2 - Early March

  • Rise of the Empire book 12 - Early May

  • Tower of Power book 3 - Late July

  • Universe on Fire book 3 - Early September

  • Chaos and Order book 1 - Late November

I hope that you enjoy the Goblin Horde.