New Release and Quick Update


The Eternal Path book 2 is now out on amazon!

I never intended for there to be such a large gap between the releases of book 1 and 2, but things happen and plans change I suppose. Hopefully you will not need to wait as long for the third book (currently I plan on releasing it in the first quarter of 2020).

Now for a quick update, first; the Tower of Power book 2 is now available on audible.

And second; I have the updated schedule for book releases:

End of July - Tower of Power book 3

End of September - Rise of the Empire final book

End of November - Universe on Fire 3

I took a short break after the last book, so that is why there was a bit of a longer period without any book releases. I am now back on track and you will see more regular releases.

Hope you like Fallen Star!