Broken stars

New Release

Hi all,

I'm happy to let you know that Broken Stars - Universe on Fire book 1 is now out and available on Amazon. It is a new series set in a new universe, and it is a sci-fi with some fantasy elements, I wouldn't really call it space fantasy but it is close. It does have a somewhat more sci-fi tone. If you enjoy my Rise of the Empire series then you will like this one as well.

Also, I have some updates concerning my schedule. I've been forced to shuffle the release dates around a bit, so the schedule for now looks something like this:

  • Rise of the Empire book 10 - End of July
  • Eternal Path book 2 - Mid October
  • Rise of the Empire book 11 - December
  • Universe on Fire book 2 - March 2019
  • Rise of the Empire book 12 - June 2019

Hopefully there won't be much shuffling this time around.