The Eternal Path

New Release and Quick Update


The Eternal Path book 2 is now out on amazon!

I never intended for there to be such a large gap between the releases of book 1 and 2, but things happen and plans change I suppose. Hopefully you will not need to wait as long for the third book (currently I plan on releasing it in the first quarter of 2020).

Now for a quick update, first; the Tower of Power book 2 is now available on audible.

And second; I have the updated schedule for book releases:

End of July - Tower of Power book 3

End of September - Rise of the Empire final book

End of November - Universe on Fire 3

I took a short break after the last book, so that is why there was a bit of a longer period without any book releases. I am now back on track and you will see more regular releases.

Hope you like Fallen Star!


Eternal Soul

Hi all,

Well, Eternal Soul is now out and available on Amazon. It is the first book in a new fantasy series that follows three main characters, it is my attempt at a hybrid between eastern and western fantasy. And I've been working on it for a long time. I had a full draft actually finished at one point, before scraping more than half of it and rewriting it as I just didn't like where I ended up with the story. This version I am much more comfortable with, hopefully you'll like it too. I've made the prologue and the first three chapters available for free on my website so you can check them out if you are debating whether this is something for you. You can find them on this link here

As I've said before, next up is Rise of the Empire book 9 - Conquest. Which will be out in December. And I'm still on schedule to finish the series in about four more books.

In other news, I am currently mapping out another new series. This one an urban fantasy series that will deal with a world where magic suddenly came back and how the people of that new world deal with it. And I have another sci-fi space opera idea that I've been trying to get my mind around. I might start that one once I finish with Rise of the Empire, or I might get it out before depending on how well I manage to plot it out.

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy Eternal Soul.