Rise of the Empire book 11

Hello all!

The next to last Rise of the Empire book is out! We are so close to the end!

A few of you have asked me if there will be a sequel series, and I just wanted to let you know my plans. After Rise of the Empire ends, there will be a direct sequel trilogy which will focus on three characters from RotE, and will serve as an introduction into the multiverse stuff. As I have already said, all my books take place in the same multiverse, and some characters crossover. So far the only characters that have appeared in all of the books are from RotE, and this trilogy will explain a bit more how that happened.

Once again, if you don't read any other series, you will not be missing anything. Characters that have currently crossed over are not at the same point in time as in their origin series, and I will always provide explanations where needed. And the ending of RotE will close the arc of the Empire.

Also, I think that now is a good time to let you know about the timeline of the multiverse so that you know in which order the events take place.


  1. -Rise of the Empire

  2. -Chaos and Order trilogy (Coming soon!)

  3. -Universe on Fire

  4. -Eternal Path

  5. -Tower of Power

I will be revealing a lot more about the multiverse after the end of Rise of the Empire series, which will be at the end of April.

Oh, one last thing. The next Tower of Power book will be out around the first week of February, after that around the first week of March is the Eternal Path book 2.

That's it!



New release - RotE 10


Just wanted to let you all know that Rise of the Empire book 10 - Nomad Fleet is now out and available on Amazon.

And I've also made all RotE books available in paperback, you might need to search for them (it takes a bit for Amazon to link the store pages).

With this book the Rise of the Empire series is entering its last arc, with the finale being book 12. It's been a lot of fun writing this series, I've had this ending in my head almost since book 2, and it feels good to finally get close to the end. Hopefully you will like it.

A few of you had asked me if there will be a sequel series, and I don't really want to reveal a lot now and spoil the ending. Suffice to say that the Rise of the Empire ending will finish the story started in book 1. Rise of the Empire will have an end.

The schedule for the next few months is currently like this:

Eternal Path book 2 - End of October

Rise of the Empire book 11 - End of December

Universe on Fire book 2 - Early 2019

Rise of the Empire book 12 - sometime around April



New Release and other stuff.

Hand of the Empire is now out and available on Amazon. Hopefully you'll like it.

Writing this one had been a much different experience, since I was experimenting with my writing schedule. I attempted to write three books at the same time. It didn't go as well as I had hoped. After RotE book 7 I started working on the Eternal Soul (the first in a new fantasy series) with Hand of the Empire and book 9 of RotE on the side. By the end of March I had finished the draft for the Eternal Soul and about 30% of Hand of the Empire and maybe 15% of book 9. But as I was doing early revisions of Eternal Soul I realized that I didn't really like it, so I ended up scraping more than 80% of it. By then I was already behind my schedule so I decided to switch to Hand of the Empire as my main focus and finish it first, which I did by the end of May. Then when I was ready to send it to my editor I learned that he had sadly passed away just a few days before I sent him a message, and I started looking for a new editor. Finding someone who I was comfortable with on such short notice was very hard, but eventually I managed and here it is, sorry that it took longer than I said.

Here is my schedule for the next few releases (hopefully I'll manage to keep to it) :

  1. Eternal Soul - October 2017

  2. Rise of the Empire 9 - December 2017

  3. Untitled urban fantasy book - February 2018

  4. Rise of the Empire 10 - May 2018

I might switched 3 and 4 depending on how I feel after Eternal Soul. I've been writing Rise of the Empire for three years straight now, so I want a bit of a change before finishing it, but in any case the end of the series is close, I might even get it done in 2018. Here is a small sneak peek at the first two chapters of Eternal Soul.

I really need to thank you all for reading my books, without you I wouldn't be able to do what I love. 

Inheritance is out!

I am happy to announce that Inheritance is now out and available on Amazon kindle!

Inheritance begins the next to last arc of the Rise of the Empire series. I don't yet know how many books it will take me to tell the rest of the story, but we are close to the middle point.

Well, now that this one is done I can start on the next one (after a short vacation). My plan is to get two more books out by the end of the year, one in the fall and the other one in winter. And if everything goes according to plan, get four books out in 2017. Also I need to start paying attention to my other projects, I have six other books in various stages of completion. Some have a few chapters written, others are half-way finished. But for now the Rise of the Empire is a priority!

I hope that you will enjoy Inheritance!